Design and Research Projects for Samsung 

We have been engaging with Samsung Design Delhi since 2011, and have undertaken seven projects for them in the the areas of consumer appliances product design, new product ideation as well as projects relating to Colour + Material + Finish + Patterns. These projects have been both for the Indian market as well as for certain international markets.

Depending on the nature of the project, we have undertaken qualitative user research as well as quantitative research, following which there have been design strategy phases, which have led to the creative ideation of product concepts. In certain cases, the final deliverable has been hi-fidelity product design concepts as well as in certain cases, we have created production-ready data.  

The engagement period for these projects have been from one month to upto four months each, and depending on the requirement of each project, Trampoline has involved teams of external consultants such as researchers, fashion designers, engineers and brand design experts.

This engagement has gives us tremendous learning on bridging the gap between design for local needs with the technological abilities, brand vision, design language and aspirations of a large multinational manufacturer such as Samsung.