We believe design and innovation are integral parts of a process that creates meaningful interactions between a brand and it's customers

Trampoline is a Product Design + Innovation and Branding consultancy firm based in New Delhi, India


Our Approach

Design and innovation, are key elements of any brand, especially in today's age. We believe design and innovation are not stand-alone components, but integral parts of a process that strives to create meaningful interactions between a brand and it's customers.

We see the design process as a rigorous exercise that is broadly ‘problem-solving’, constantly interpreting the world of user observations, cultural subjectivity, market data, brand aspirations, technical requirements, and at the same time, keeping a keen eye on the future.

Through this process, we strive to create products and brand experiences that have a level of visual, functional and technical sophistication that make them cherishable for the end user, as well as embody real business value for our clients.

Whether an incremental improvement on existing products, or a ground-up design development process, we apply this attitude across a wide range of areas, from high value consumer electronics, brand and UX design, simple kitchen products, to bottom of the pyramid cost-conscious healthcare products.


Gauri Bajaj Brand Design and Research

email: gauri@designtrampoline.com

The Branding and Graphic Design projects at Trampoline are handled by Gauri Bajaj Mittra who is an alumni of National Institute of Design, India as well as an INLAKS scholar at Central Saint Martins, London.


Areas of Expertise

Design Strategy & Research: We work closely with our clients to formulate a design strategy for each project, which forms the framework for all work to follow, a necessity for any design project. We undertake qualitative research projects that probe product use, aesthetic preferences, brand perception as well as explore scenarios for future product and brand acceptance. We also partner with research agencies for larger quantitative and focus group based projects.

Product Design & Innovation: We work with clients on different stages of the Product Design and Innovation process. Depending on the needs of a particular project, we can take a project from initial concept idea to providing support for engineering design. In certain cases we can also focus on certain parts of a design process.

We strive to objectively identify problem areas and scenarios to not only construct implementable solutions, but create new product typologies and systems that improve quality of life as well as acknowledge the changing needs and trends of the foreseeable future. Our areas of expertise include, Design for Mobile appliances, Design for Home appliances and electronics, Packaging design, Innovation for the Rural Market, Strategic Design for the Indian Urban market.

Branding and Web: We work with a variety of clients on developing their branding strategy, creating a brand identity and translating this in to brand collaterals such as publications or websites. With regards to web/mobile design, partner with web development programmers to ensure that our design is translated efficiently. We also undertake projects in the realm of 3D branding, such as packaging. 



We work with a variety of India and International Clients who range from Multinationals, Large Indian Corporates, Startups as well as Small Businesses.

We encourage our clients to develop a long term relationship with us, as we believe design is a key element for the success of any brand, and it is important for a design vision to engage with a Brand's touch-points at all levels.

Clients with whom we have continual engagements include Orient Electricals, Samsung, Maharaja Whiteline and Ritu Kumar.

We believe that project confidentiality is key during and after the design process, especially in the areas relating to new product development. We therefore, do not publicise most of our client projects so as to ensure that intellectual information is protected. In view of the above, we have refrained from displaying most of our client work on this website.



“Trampoline is a rare find. They bring with them technical expertise in product and graphic design along with sophisticated aesthetic. It is easy to trust them with a vision as their approach to their work is very thorough and insightful. It is always a pleasure to work with them." 

Amrish Kumar, CEO, Ritu Kumar

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that it is Trampoline Design that gave The Quint its sense of self, its identity. We had turned to Bikram and Gauri when Quintillion was starting out with just a notion of what our product would be . . . they created a logo identity with an entire ecosystem to go with it. The Q logo was just what we needed for a young, evolving, agile product, giving our brand a clear “personality” that stands out not just on our site and mobile app, but on all social media platforms.

We are often told that our brand design has a huge recall.

Ritu Kapur & Raghav Bahl, Founders and Promoters of The Quint and Quintillion Media

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